Dear Toastmaster friends, Dear Elizabeth

For us Berliner Meisterredner it is a special day and a special honour. Today, Wednesday, July 1, 2020, your one-year term as our District Director has begun.

For this we wish you from the bottom of our hearts much strength, luck and success.

We, your club, recognize your efforts of the past years for Toastmasters and our district and we want to thank you for this. 

Thank you for everything you have already done for us and especially good luck for everything you will do in this year as District Director. 

To all of you who have elected you, we can only shout out that you are getting a passionate Toastmaster for the office who will work conscientiously and with 110% commitment for you.

Elizabeth, you have earned a lot of respect and recognition from all members of the district and far beyond. And rightly so.

With your excellent work, as President of the Berliner Meisterredner, as well as Division Director and Program Quality Director, you have raised the bar and are a shining example for all of us.

There is hardly anyone who lives up to our ideals: integrity, respect, service and excellence as close as you do!

Your successes make our daily work easier. Because many of us can start where you left off after your term of office. To stay on the bar, we no longer need to start at 2 meters 50 in pole vault, but can start at 5 meters. What an achievement.

But a new office always involves new responsibilities and that means learning.

Lucky for us, because you are great at it.

A District Director is comparable to a conductor. She can achieve little on her own – without her choir, her musicians, her orchestra.

Always be sure of our support!

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, remember your excellent performances and trust „your“ toastmasters.

Dear Elizabeth, together, under your guidance, we want to and will achieve a lot.

We, the Berliner Meisterredner, firmly believe in you.

Heartfelt, toastmasterly greetings,

the Berlin Meisterredner